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Dehumidifiers for Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals in the form of powders and granules are very hygroscopic in nature.

While production of such capsules and tablets, moisture present in the air and excess humidity result in agglomeration, uneven distribution of ingredients, bacterial contamination which leads to inefficiency and downtime.


Dehumidifiers maintain ideal humidity level and a dry environment which prevents degradation, ensures safe and hygienic storage conditions and reduced rejects.

Every stage in the pharma industry right from production areas, powder rooms , packaging areas to storage rooms require moisture and humidity control to meet the high quality and production standards that have been set. High humidity leads to agglomeration and triggers growth of bacteria, mold and yeast. Leading pharma companies have adopted GMP practises of maintaining optimum humidity.

Problems Faced

Pharmaceutical ingredients used in powder rooms are hygroscopic in nature. n case of high humidity they clump together, technically called agglomeration; this can lead to blockages in the processing equipment & bacteria formation in final product. 
Pharma products utilize formulations in various forms – powder, liquid or premix and they are extremely hygroscopic. Moisture can reduce the pharmacological activity of the compound.
Bacteria / Fungal growth can occur due to high moisture content in storage areas of pharma ingredients, and this can result in product recall & loss of reputation for the company.
Pharma Industry is one of the few regulated industries with very stringent standards and standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and companies operating in this sector are expected to maintain temperature, relative humidity & clean room standards.
Active pharma ingredients are used in micrograms, and presence of moisture can result in wrong dosage in capsule or tablets.

Application Areas

Lab scale development entails piloting of the actual plant with the same ambient condition, portable dehumidifiers are a good option in small prototype rooms. powder flow and behaviour is proportianate to the humidity maintained in the powder room. 
Fine powder absorbs moisture which leads to inconsistency and clogging, thus affecting the product quality. Moisture levels in powder rooms have to be controlled in order to maintain their quality and efficiency.
roduct Mixing
Product Drying
Powder compression is done in dry state. Excess moisture causes caking and lumping, reduces medicinal effectives and leads to inadequacy in tablet process
To prevent build up of residual moisture during sugar coating process it is extremely necessary to emphasize on adequate drying conditions in the process.
Films coated on capsules are hygroscopic and can lose it's texture and colour due to excess humidity
To avoid moisture regain and to ensure vitality of the product throughout its shelf life
Ideal environment conditions in pharma storage rooms is crucial to safeguard the effectiveness of medications within them. In certain cases temperature and humidity fluctuations have lead to degeneration.

Pharmaceutical are known to have the most Intense Impact on them due to High Humidity. Impacts can be listed below Read More

Powders in powder rooms clump together and cause blockages in pneumatic transport systems.

Provide conditions for bacterial growth.

Greater risk of bacterial growth.

Reduced product and coating quality.

Reduced product shelf life.

Reduced productivity due to inefficiency and downtime.

Result in an uneven distribution of the active substances in powders.

Result in uneven surfaces when coating.

Problems with packaging processes.

The performance of active substances can be affected.

Ideal humidity level for all the pharmaceuticals should be between 40%-55% RH

The only way to get rid of these problems is to remove high water content from air using dehumidifiers.

Know the Various Applications!!

Powder Rooms

Tablet Compression.

Research & Development Lab.

Capsule Packing.

Formulations lab. And many more...

Customer Speak

  • We are using Origin dehumidifier in our Archival Room to preserve quality of important documents and are happy with it. We also appreciate Origin's after sales service.

    Ms. Ruchira Jackson (Assistant Manager, Quality Assurance) @ Glenmark Pharma
  • Origin dehumidifier is working satisfactory since last 5 years. It maintains humidity in limit. Service given by Origin is OK.

    Mr. Narvekar @ J. B. Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
  • We need to maintain humidity at 50% in our lab and are able to maintain it with Origin dehumidifier.

    Mr. Raghavendra Rao @ Euroslot Kdss India Pvt .Ltd.
  • Using Aerial and Novita dehumidifiers for R & D. We use in the process where from Tablet, Capsules and powder, water contain determination is being done. We also use for the application of weighing standards and in Bioanalytical department for analyzing bio samples. We thank Mrunmayee for recommending appropriate dehumidifiers which helped us to keep the RH in control.

    Swapnil Kharage @ Sun Pharma