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Dehumidifiers for Food Industry

Food production, processing, packaging and storage facilities require good hygiene β€” controlled and consistent.

Dehumidifiers for Food & Packaging Industry

Excess humidity causes bacterial growth, condensation on cold products, damaging packaging and spoiling the product resulting in poor consumer experience.

Refrigerant dehumidifiers are the most efficacious and cost-effective way to reduce levels of moisture in the air and maintain desired humidity level to optimize the quality of food products.

Keeping the production, processing and storage facility clean also means keeping humidity regulated as it improves hygiene. Hygiene is critical β€Žin all areas of food production and processing. To meet these standards it has become extremely important to observe stringent humidity and temperature controls right from production, processing and storage areas to the packaging rooms of food products.

Problems Faced

In production and packaging units of hygroscopic powders like pre mixes of cocoa, tea, soup absorb humidity easily and clump together, technically called agglomeration; this can lead to blockages in the processing equipment & bacteria formation in the final product.
Cocoa powder tends to absorb moisture easily and can hamper the quality of the chocolate. Those chocolates stored in uncontrolled RH areas can attract bacteria and worms thus resulting in large scale loss of reputation & damages.
Several types of bacterial growth can occur in food, since they are a high nutrient media for bacteria such as E.coli or Streptococcus (commonly found harmful bacteria).
Ready to eat snacks, breakfast cereals, are generally crisp and need to be maintained in low RH atmosphere – else they tend to absorb moisture and lose their crispiness and become unappetizing , resulting in poor consumer experience.
High humidity leads to fungal growth which releases a musty odour, which can transfer to food products. Controlled humidity can help maintain quality products round the year without worries about sensory deterioration.

Application Areas

Food Production

Pre mixes, Ready to eat snacks, Chocolates, Bakery products, Confectionary, Dairy Products.

Food Storage

Grains & Grocery, Dry Fruits, Cocoa Tea and Coffee, Jaggery, Snacks, Biscuits.


Food testing labs, Product development.

Customer Speak

  • We are using Origin dehumidifier in our popcorn manufacturing unit. It removes excess moisture from air and makes our popcorn crisp and dry. With Origin dehumidifier, the quality of popcorn has improved.

    Mr. Rajesh Rane (Senior Manager Purchase) @ Wow Popcorns
  • Mr. Ravi was very prompt to provide service and took effort to visit us at 7.45pm to ensure our work did not get hampered.

    Ashish Agarwal @ Gold Tree Nuts - Food Industry
  • We use the dehumidifier in the Final Packing hall temperature maintained at 12 Deg C. and the ANTE room before the cold storage Dehumidifier prevents Moisture droplet formation on walls and ceilings there by: 1) Increasing the life of the metal Insulated Panels 2) Prevents bacterial slime formation on walls and ceilings which is very dangerous for food Industry. 3) Increases food safety by removing cross contamination by water droplets falling from ceiling onto packing table. 4)Increases life of electrical machinery used in the hall in such cold places where moisture can damage electrical circuits. We are very happy with Origin for their prompt action when we face problems as well as good after sales service. Mr Sudhir Damodara as well as Mrs. Preeti Rathi have always been very prompt, professional and customer oriented in their approach towards Jinny Marine and on a few occasions have gone beyond the call of duty to make us feel happy with Origin.

    @ Food Industry
  • Using Aerial and Novita dehumidifiers for R & D. We use in the process where from Tablet, Capsules and powder, water contain determination is being done. We also use for the application of weighing standards and in Bioanalytical department for analyzing bio samples. We thank Mrunmayee for recommending appropriate dehumidifiers which helped us to keep the RH in control.

    Swapnil Kharage @ Sun Pharma