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Closet Dehumidifier Rod

Rod dehumidifiers - for in closet humidity control

Rod dehumidifier is a dehumidifying bar that operates on warm air rising principle. They increase the air temperature and allow warm air to circulate in moisture filled areas to protect your valuables from moisture damage.

Rod dehumidifiers serve as one of the best means that safely eliminate dampness and condensation to prevent mold, mildew, rust and corrosion from occurring in enclosed spaces.

Application Areas :


Wardrobes and storage areas : Rod dehumidifiers are installed in wardrobes, cabinets, storage areas and safes to protect your belongings from musty odour, fungus, mold and mildew that is caused by high humidity levels.

Mold and mildew growth is known to target clothing, shoes and leather products. If this is not acted on immediately, white coloured powder formation and black spots are seen on the surface of clothes and leather products, which is fungus formation due to high humidity. This causes visible damage to your valuables which makes them unusable.


It is important to have a controlled humidity environment in home safes to retain the value of the contents placed in it. Preventing moisture build up in safes ensure your jewellery, important documents and other valuables are kept intact.

Musical instruments

Rod dehumidifiers ensure a safe and dry environment for your musical instruments and prevent them from damage and corrosion caused by excess moisture.

Cameras, telescope and other expensive digital equipments

Fungus and mold growth cause serious damage to equipments. Rod dehumidifiers maintain the ideal humidity level required to protect microscope lens, video tapes and filmstrips from any sort of mold formation.

Gun safes

Rod dehumidifiers get rid of moisture present in the gun safe interior. It prevents rust formation and secures firearm investment, by increasing its shelf-life.


Rod dehumidifiers help keep the non-exhibit archive safe and dry and prevent it from mold formation.

Product Features:

  • Easy to operate, plug and play unit
  • Durable and energy efficient
  • Available in different sizes to meet your needs - 12”, 18” and 24”
  • Coverage area is upto 100 cu.ft I 200 cu.ft I 275 cu.ft
  • Made in USA


Installation of rod dehumidifiers is suggested to be mounted to the side wall 6-8 inches from the floor or at ground level base of the closet/safe for effective dehumidification. Mounting brackets are included with the package. Don't immerse or spray the dehumidifier, plug or cord with water and other liquids