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The Ultimate Solution to High Humidity Levels: Origin Ceiling Dehumidifiers

Origin Ceiling Dehumidifiers can be used in homes to reduce humidity levels in rooms, living area, walk-in wardrobes, swimming pool area, basements, attics, and crawl spaces. High humidity levels in these areas can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can cause damage to the structure of your lovely home, furniture, electronics, paintings and artifacts and create unhealthy living conditions for you and your dear ones.

Origin Ceiling Dehumidifiers are also used to reduce humidity levels in large indoor spaces, such as Hotels, Hospitals, R&D Labs, Pharma, Warehouses, Bakeries, Food and Sweet Shops, Factories, Gymnasiums, Art Galleries, etc. to prevent moisture damage across these industries.

Origin Dehumidifier for Ceiling can be particularly helpful in highly humid, monsoon prone or sea facing areas like Mumbai, Goa, Alibaug, etc., or if your homes have experienced water damage or flooding. They can also help to prevent condensation on windows and walls in your rooms and living area.

Technical Parameters

Model OC 20 OC 50 OC 90
Power Supply 220V - 50Hz 220V - 50Hz 220V - 50Hz
Dehumidifying Capacity 30oC RH80% 20L/Day 50L/Day 90L/Day
Dehumidifying Capacity 27oC RH60% 11L/Day 26L/Day 60L/Day
Recommended coverage (Indicative) upto 2,500 cu. ft. | 70 cu. mt. 5000 cu. ft. | 141 cu. mt 9,000 cu. ft. | 254 cu. mt.
Rated Power 350W 842W 1020W
Air Flow (Low Fan Speed) | (High Fan Speed) 205m³/h | 425m³/h 365m³/h | 470m³/h 550m³/h | 600m³/h
Noise Level 45dB(A) 48dB(A) 52dB(A)
Dimensions (Width X Depth X Height) 34" x 14" x 8" 40" x 20" x 10" 42" x 30" x 13"
Timer 1 - 24h 1 - 24h 1 - 24h
Operating Temperature 5oC - 38oC 5oC - 38oC 5oC - 38oC
Water Pump Condensate Drainage With Water Pump* Condensate Drainage With Water Pump* Condensate Drainage With Water Pump*
IP Rating IP×4 IP×4 IP×4
Compressor Rotary Rotary Rotary
Refrigerant R134A R410A R410A
Net Weight 28.0 kg 43.0 kg 65.0 kg
Automatic restart fuction Yes Yes Yes
Automatic defrosting function Yes Yes Yes
Timer on / Timer off Yes Yes Yes
Washable air filter Yes Yes Yes
Overheating protection Yes Yes Yes
Temperature and Humidity display Yes Yes Yes
Surface electrostatic spray process Yes Yes Yes

Origin Dehumidifier for Ceiling: More Effective and Efficient

Origin Dehumidifier for Ceiling is often preferred over a portable dehumidifier because it is more effective at removing moisture from the air, it can cover a larger area, and it does not take up any floor space. They are also typically more efficient than portable dehumidifiers in terms of air flow, and they can also work as ceiling mountable air purifiers to a minor extent.

Ceiling Dehumidifier Working Principle

In addition to reducing humidity levels, an Origin dehumidifier for ceiling can also indirectly work as a semi ceiling air purifier to improve indoor air quality and help to prevent musty odors.
Origin Ceiling Dehumidifiers are typically mounted on the ceiling and work by drawing in air from the space and passing it over a cooled coil, which causes the moisture in the air to condense and collect in a reservoir. The dry air is then returned to the space.